Come In...I have a funny story to tell you...

Time to come clean, I am a dooroholic. I love doors - old, new, unusual, quirky, mysterious... I have so many photos of doors - it's unnatural. What do you DO with so many photos? I've asked myself what is it about doors that holds such a fascination for me? I think the answer lies in the fact that I am a person preoccupied with 'what lies behind'. I am interested in people and their motivations, back-stories, biographies, old photos..

6 years ago I was burgled. The thieves stole my Grandmothers gold watch. In my misguided attempt to replace it like for like, I made my way to a place in Hatton Garden, recommended by the insurer. It was run by an old Jewish gentleman, an Aladdins cave of second hand jewellery.
I found a watch nearly identical, in a fit of 'what lies behindness' I asked the gentleman, 'do you know who this belonged to?' Fondly imagining he would tell me a story of a fragrant, stylish woman, her life filled with glamour and stories of late nights filled with twinkling lights and cocktails under the stars.

His deadpan, heavily accented response to my question? ' She's dead'!
It was at this point I realised the humour and pathos of the situation. I never did buy the watch, it wasn't the same. My Grandmother was gone, and now, so was her watch, it could never be replaced and not should it.

Sometimes doors are best left closed.

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  1. Hello,

    I was looking at the comments left on Phyllis Greene's blog page and I saw your comment and clicked on to your blog page. We have one thing in common as I too like doors and have photographed quite a few on my blog as well. For your information here is a link to my blog: where you can have a look the doors which I have photographed. Kind regards, Bronte