Once Upon A Time

There are blogs I read for pleasure and blogs I read for inspiration . Nestled in one of the inspiring blogs was a tip that twinkled and shone. It said, 'tell the story, everyone loves a story'. I thought how this could apply to me. I have a modest bookshop on Etsy so I thought I could share the provence of my purchases, as much as I know. The way I find my treasures is very diverse. The story of my lovely old HCA up there is almost too good to be true.

For a couple of weeks each summer we decamp to a lovely little village in Cornwall. The houses are washed with colours from a child's paintbox, the skies are endless, the beaches are golden and the rain is always warm!
On the way to one of our favourite beaches we wind down narrow lanes garlanded with wild freesias, the dry stone lurking underneath. We pass a farm down one of these lanes, it has geese patrolling around the farmhouse, and a field of donkeys next door.

On this particular day, by the field gate, are a number of boxes. There is a note on top of the boxes, it says, 'help yourself to books - please make a donation for the donkey sanctuary'. I rifled through the first 2 boxes, and found a great deal of those old fashioned bodice ripper romances, well thumbed. But there, in the last box, I spy an interesting spine, then I get that tingling feeling down mine.. The donkey sanctuary felt my gratitude that day.

I will put the book in my shop on Friday, possibly with an Austrian cookbook with a beautiful cover and some really interesting recipes, or possibly the Mrs Beeton, but their stories will have to wait for another day.


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