Saturday Night

I watched Nigella Lawson's new show this week. In it she confessed that she no longer feels the need to be out gadding every Saturday night, whereas in the past a Saturday night spent at home was an apocalyptic event on a par with walking around the office with your dress tucked in your knickers.

I have to say I agree with her. It's lovely to spend time with friends letting your hair down, it is also lovely to have the chance to stay in and relax. If I have the luxury of a weekend night at home, I will spend it with my comfy clothes on, a glass of wine and a guilty pleasure - usually tv (and in the Autumn it's always Strictly Come Dancing), but sometimes book, bath or blog.

Sunday morning will be a pleasant and relaxing affair, involving newspapers, good coffee and Desert Island Discs. Something to be savoured, instead of indulging a sleep deprived hangover. Cheers!

The book above is in my Etsy shop now;

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