Silence and Privacy

These are two words I am contemplating this morning.

Silence, seems to be the word du jour. Women going on silent retreats (Women's Hour Mon 22nd Nov), Radio 4 featuring a track of silence by John Cage entitled "4'33", and the Royal British Legion selling 2 minutes of silence to raise money. I tried to remember the last time I was in silence and I think it was in the garden during the time of the ash cloud (we live under the flight path). We must need silence for our mental health, what does it do to us that there is a constant electronic chatter happening around us, unless we are sleeping? I love walking in the countryside, emptying my mind, but is it enough?

The other word, privacy. Us Brits prided ourselves on our net curtains and our 'don't ask, don't tell' attitude with our private life. With the advent of FB et al that seems to be vanishing too. There have always been exhibitionists but now it appears everyone feels it's good to share. Can we over share? And if we do, what happens?

Silence and privacy - too much or too little have an affect on our minds and spirits. Will we be shaped by technology or will we wrest back control and ensure it evolves within our collective comfort zones in the future? I wonder what Mark Zuckerberg will have to say when he is middle aged, and a little crabby, and some young upstart invents something that threatens his sense of privacy? I hope I'm still here to say, "what goes around, comes around"!

My washing machine has just finished it's cycle, so I will contemplate the silence, and the fact that I just posted my inner thoughts on-line, and what that must say about me.

Down By The Sea

I took this fab photo of the Mevagissey Male Voice Choir back in the summer. It was an evening harbour side concert and they put their funky shades on to sing Under The Boardwalk.

Today my thoughts are with the residents of this lovely village which overnight suffered devastating floods. I hope everyone is safe and sound and has somewhere warm and dry to stay tonight.

Woolly Winter Thinking

It's that time of year - winter has started to circle and close in.

It's then I have to think about all of the customs and traditions that make me feel happy and content, to combat the start of winter ennui. I bring out the candles, fluffy rugs, and plan my Christmas present buying.

This year I have ordered most of my presents from Etsy. From customised 'keep calm and...' posters to necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and of course, books.

Etsy has also inspired me to start knitting - thick chunky knit scarves. The balls of wool and chunky needles look great in a big bamboo bowl. See above, my 2nd attempt at a scarf.