Country Company

I have finished The Enchanted April - which is just as well.   I can no longer pretend I am in Italian sunshine as our boiler broke down at the weekend.  The sun (and delicious clumps of green and brilliant white snowdrops) peeking shyly out in the last couple of days have persuaded me that spring is on it's way.
I am immersing myself in this lovely book, with charming watercolours and observations about the British countryside to keep me distracted whilst I wait for one of those rare and fleeting appearances - no, not the first cuckoo, the plumber.



  1. We were without heat for half a day last week, the coldest day of the week, of course! So you have my sympathies. I was glad on this occasion, that we paid into British Gas Homecare since the part that was replaced on the boiler costs over £500!!! And since it took a morning to replace, no doubt labour costs would have been nearly as bad! Hope you are warm again soon.

  2. Thanks Maggie, we are back on today, we are not taking the lovely heat and hot water for granted today :)