Gone but not forgotten

These are some of the books that have passed through my Etsy shop in 2010. I am looking forward to finding new treasures to fill the gaps left by these lovely books. I love finding them, it's hard to let them go, but I have a good excuse to go off buying again.


  1. Some nice books there, and I do so understand the part about it being hard to part with some. I have a 1940s set of three Flora Klickmann books on Ebay at present, the covers are a delight, and they look lovely on show. But... I need to sell them so they have to go sadly. But, I hope that the books I sell go to good homes and not people who will immediately sell them on for a profit!
    Can I ask why you opted for Etsy and not Ebay as a market place for books?

  2. Hello Maggie,
    I hadn't heard of Flora, so I googled her. She sounds like my kind of author. I am sure I have sold a couple of books to dealers who knew better than I, a books monetary value. I always hope my books go to someone who loves them as much as I do.
    I like the ethos of Etsy, it seems to be a more gentle place to trade than Ebay, I hope that it can hold on to that as it gets bigger. Maybe it's the handmade aspect, that means you have more art and craft people who give it the gentle vibe. All of the blogs, treasuries and weekly bulletins are very inspiring. It encourages you to up your game with the photography and layout.

    As regards the shop, I also relish the opportunity to create something nice to look at and (hopefully) something interesting to read for people perusing - as if they were in a little old book shop. With a big comfy sofa near a crackling log fire, some good coffee in a big mug - an old oak side table to put your mug on, also on that table is a big, shallow ceramic bowl of sweet smelling hyacinths, a large clock stands solidly ticking and maybe the shop cat winding his tail round your legs... sigh.
    Until then, It'll have to be strictly virtual! Hope I answered your question!

  3. Oh I do agree that nothing beats actually going into a secondhand bookshop.... the smell and the atmosphere and all those books previously read and enjoyed. Like you I would have the comfy armchairs and a pot of coffee, but the cat would be well-trained to sit decorously in front of the fireplace - not everyone likes cats, and certainly not having one wind itself around their legs!
    I love some of your books... where do you source them? We have just one secondhand bookshop within easy travelling distance, and that only open a few hours a week and with limited stock. Do you visit auctions as well?

  4. I go far and wide, to vintage sales, car boots, anywhere that there may be an interesting book - I've even got relatives looking out for me now. I've never been to an auction - yet, it's my new years resolution to try one.

  5. I don't think I could let those Austen's go! When my credit cards have recovered from Christmas I'm going to browse your titles.

  6. Thank you. I nearly didn't, I find it very hard, but I do love the hunt. To ensure I don't cave in I have been thinking about the amount I keep, which is why I set up in the first place. Lots of books and not enough space.