My Favourite Books in 2010

It was a tough choice but I have picked the books that left the biggest mark on me this year. In no order they are;

Venice because it is a love story that transports you to the city. I was there, standing on the ossuary island of Sant'Ariano, the hairs standing up on my neck.

Suite Francaise, for it's courage and prose, and the heartbreaking story of how Irene Nemirovsky's novel came to be.

Coco Chanel - A Life; for Justine's writing and her take on the woman behind the couture, and for Madame' s own ability to ensure that the legend is still shrouded in many layers - one of them being Cocos own ability to create a good story.

Love Child. This book may not have crossed my bows, had I not heard Allegra Huston speak at Hay. Not to be confused with a s'leb memoir, it is the beautifully written story of one woman's search for identity and family. It is suffused with honesty and love.

Flip It - I love this book for it's ability to make me see that a situation can be viewed in many ways, and how you can do that. I have dipped into it a few times to top up my optimism levels.

I would love to know which books left their imprints on you in 2010.

*Apologies for my lack of accents etc.


  1. Good list.... a few I might pinch there methinks!
    So many books.... to pick just a few is not easy.
    'CRAZY AGE' by Jane Miller is a celebration of being 60, an age I reached early in December, and for anyone who thinks getting older is the pits, this is a book to change your mind!
    'HUNTING UNICORNS' by Bella Pollen is a book I wouldn't have chosen, but I swapped one of my books for this one with a fellow blogger, and it surprised me by being an excellent read.
    'THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS' by Douglas Kennedy is just such a wonderful story that I read it for the second time in two years in 2010 - 'a tragic love story, a tale of divided loyalties and the random workings of destiny' as phrased in the blurb on the back.
    'MY MOTHER'S WEDDING DRESS' by Justine Picardie, and as you are a fan of hers, I suspect you may know this one!
    'FINDING SANCTUARY' by Abbot Christopher Jamison. I am not a religious person by any means, but the simple monastic life, with time given to silence and contemplation or meditation, holds much appeal for me, and this man's calmness impressed me on the television series THE MONASTERY, so that I had to get this book.
    There are probably others.. but don't want to hog the comment area!
    Happy New Year.... may it be filled with treasures on your bookshelves!

  2. Happy New Year to you Maggie and thank you so much. I've read 2 - the Douglas Kennedy (a memorable book, always a good sign) and of course, My Mothers Wedding Dress, which along with If The Spirit Moves You are both favourites.

    I will put the other 4 on my tbr list, The Monastry sounds intriguing. If you think of others hog away please!