Lilacs In April!

The Lilac are visiting me early this year

New Lavender - alba, to go in my white bed.

My lovely meditative green spot, with swathes of Cow Parsley. This is at the end of the garden, under a very large Lime tree.  I like to keep it wild and see what thrives, although this year I did plant some English Bluebells to complete my 'prettyish kind of little wilderness'*

* Who said this, in which book?

Happy Birthday Your Majesty.

Today is the Queens 85th birthday.   I find it hard to believe she is that old.  40ish years ago, she sailed up the Thames and stopped off at my little village primary school and we serenaded her with Green Sleeves on the recorder.  Poor woman, how many times must she have been subjected to that tune, due to the fact it is said Henry VIII composed it I wonder?  She has led an amazing life, and I hope the bumpy bits are past for her now, and she can sail on - smoothly and taking in the new views as she sails into her old age. Happy 85th birthday Ma'am.


Allotment Envy

I whipped out my camera whilst visiting an allotment that made me just green with envy at the plots and their sheds. Especially the ones with  shelves of old pots, string, and vintage, well kept tools hanging up.
Plot holder 31 is romantic as well as practical, growing their blooms besides their brassica.

I loved this ingenious way of keeping the birds off of (what looks like) red shallot bulbs, how eco is this?

What a lovely old bike, the springs in the saddle look like they'd give you a nice comfy ride, and the basket is ideal for bringing home your fresh produce directly to your kitchen. 

Somebody is good with their hands. In the foreground a frame for artichokes - four wooden posts with 2 woven wooden rings to contain the brutes as they grow strong, and in the background a rhubarb frame to keep the stems straight and away from the mud.

All gardeners live in beautiful places, because they make them so.
~ Joseph Joubert.

Penguin Threads

Penguin USA have announced a series of classic books with the most beautifully eye catching embroidery style covers.  There are 3 to start - Emma, The Secret Garden and Black Beauty. A feast for the eyes.

What a lovely gift they would make.