Penguin Threads

Penguin USA have announced a series of classic books with the most beautifully eye catching embroidery style covers.  There are 3 to start - Emma, The Secret Garden and Black Beauty. A feast for the eyes.

What a lovely gift they would make. 


  1. Oh they are so lovely aren't they? I think that like me, you are greatly attracted to books by their covers, so to see such imaginative ones is a feast for the eye indeed. I still love the original Penguins and Puffins and Pelicans though, don't you?

  2. I love the austerity of the original Penguin covers, but I agree with you that covers make a big impression, and more often than not are the reason I buy a particular edition of a book.

    I love Emma's embroidered hair :)

  3. I first saw the Austen cover on Caustic Cover Critic's blog and wasn't sure if I liked it because the colours were so 'off' but looking at it again, I think I love it!!