How To Make The Perfect Afternoon Tea.


A generous invitation
One well shod and brave hostess
A secluded and sunny garden
An assortment of friendly and well read guests bearing gifts
Copious cups of tea
A serving of cakes (couture if you can lay your hands on them)
A good book to talk about, I recommend Coco Chanel The Legend And The Life by Justine Picardie (now out in paperback)
* a mystery ingredient.


Combine all of the the ingredients together one at a time. Mix well, once the mixture has relaxed you can add extras such as insightful and interesting facts, thoughts and opinions.  When the mixing has nearly finished it wont harm at all to add some alcohol as a finishing touch. 

* the mystery ingredient supports the main ingredient, ensures the mix stays at an even consistency and can sometimes ensure a better quality photograph once all of the hard work has been done. 

Thank you Justine.


  1. What a wonderful reminder of a wonderful afternoon - lovely to meet you. I will remember the afternoon with such great pleasure,

  2. I would almost have abandoned my 'no meeting with a group of women' code for that!! Sounds delightful, and wonderfully related as ever.

  3. Thank you Enid, it was so nice to meet you and too, safe trip home.

    Thank you Maggie.

  4. Sounds like my kind of afternoon.... Perfection. And how cute are those cupcakes?! XX

  5. Thank you SE, it was the best kind of afternoon for a book lover.

  6. Afternoon tea is my Very Favourite Meal because it's not an essential, it's a luxury in our usually busy lives. Like the Dame Agatha Christie mug - she lived only five miles or so from where I'm sitting. And, whilst I've a thing about cupcakes (they are simply fancy buns) and hate all those topped with swirls of cream and silver dragees or 'sprinkles' as they call hundreds-and-thousands these days, those with the double C (for Chanel) look tres chic!
    Margaret P

  7. Merci Margaret, afternoon tea in any form is a treat, this was one with sprinkles on top!

  8. Where there's tea there's hope - a quote I read somewhere

  9. Yes, a really special afternoon tea with the nicest group of people imaginable and couldn't agree more with your recipe, lilacs. My photos came out really well and I have made many of my Australian friends green with envy!

  10. It was so lovely to meet you Jay, I hope the rest of your trip went well.