Lost and Found

With 2 school age children we rarely get the chance to kick back in term time.  So the summer holiday is laden with the promise of rest, relaxation and adventure. Six weeks of golden minutes stretching out in front of us, seemingly endless.

I photographed the quote in the 'lost' village in Tyneham, Dorset.  Lost because the residents were asked to move out during the war as the location was deemed ideal for army manoeuvres.   Sadly, the residents were never able to move back. The village still stands, complete with the fully equipped school house, where the quotation still hangs today. A haunting reminder of good times gone by.


  1. Lovely comment, and I hope you all enjoy the summer break. There are so many of these deserted villages around the country... here in Norfolk is no exception and I spent many weeks researching them, for an article. So sad to see these ghost villages, rather like the many Forces bases full of decent housing just going to waste when we are always being told there is a shortage of housing in this country.

  2. Thank you Maggie. Tyneham is surrounded by tank and shooting ranges now, it's only open in for a few days a year to Joe Public. There is a very poignant letter on display that says, 'we have lived here for generations and we will be back, please look after our village...'

  3. So very sad that they were never allowed to move back. On a lighter note though enjoy your golden moments with your children and the lovely long Summer holidays. Time goes by too fast and children grow up in the twinkling of an eye! XX

  4. mmm. haunting indeed. nothing lasts, does it? all we can do is enjoy the moment..thanks for the reminder.