Oh I Do Like To be Beside The Seaside

This last weekend I was lucky enough to go to the seaside

I walked along cliff top paths to lovely villages

and besides harbours filled with colourful, rocking boats

 I found this rock that I think looks like a sharks mouth

and spotted a real creature - a seal 

it looked a bit like a polar bear!

That was 4,000 years ago, last Monday.


  1. Are you sure that wasn't a sharks mouth, or that seal a real polar bear? Isn't it strange the things you come across that look like something else? Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. Looks lovely! I think a few days - or even a few hours - near the sea is a wonderfully uplifitng experience. The seal does look like a polar bear and the rock looks exactly like a shark's mouth - I would have thought twice about placing bare toes near there:)

  3. It was a lovely tonic of a weekend and if I'd known the week I was going to have when I got back, I might well have stayed there! Happy weekend x

  4. Beautiful photographs ... like postcards. That first one should win a prize!