South Bank Sunday

Yesterday I was able to wander along the South Bank in London and take photos of the great buzz that is being created there for the summer.

This is a mosaic map of the river, that was mounted on the side of a customised beach hut.   Can you see The Wheel, OXO Tower and the Houses of Parliament?

One of the beaches. This one was for display only.   There was another larger one, similar to the one created annually on the banks of the Seine, full of children making sandcastles.

The bunting was plentiful

The ice cream van was retro

One of the customised beach huts

This installation was highlighting free speech, with writing by authors banned in their own counties, flying free up into the air.

There were stalls of different types of food

It was fun

I love London for being so vibrant.


  1. Beautiful.. and I love the retro Ice Cream van. Looks like you had a great day oh, and I smiled at the post before - how romantic! And who says white van men are all bad? X

  2. Than you SE, I read yesterday that the actor Rupert Grint has bought himself an ice cream van to drive around in, how cool is that?!

  3. Love the mosaic and the retro ice-cream van! Looks like you had a super day out:)