Wendi Murdoch, Woman Of The Hour!


I'm sure everyone is following the events, and the ever surprising developments regarding the News International scandal.   But surely nobody would have predicted Wendi being the headliner today.   Quite literally flying to her husband, Rupert Murdochs defence, she made James Murdoch look like a dithering wuss in his reactions.  I've watched her flying right hook several times, and I have to say, you went girl!  

* Alistair Sim as the original St Trinians headmistress, is it obvious I struggled to find an image that conveyed Wendi's strength of purpose?!


  1. Wendy rules! Just wish she'd given James Murdoch a slap too - what a bore.

  2. A flying Tiger Mom! Poor James, the word 'nepotism' will stalk him forever