Wimp Of The Week

My last post was about my tbr pile, but I thought I ought to report 'mid duty' that I have wimped out of reading one of them - The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters.

I am scared of the dark,.  So what was I thinking when I picked up Waters gothic, ghostly tale, set in a dilapidated mansion in England during the 1940s?  I'll tell you.  I was thinking how scary can a book be?

I once watched the Shining (gotta love Jack doing his demented Johnny Carson impression), on my own, in the top floor flat of an Edwardian mansion, late at night, so I don't consider myself a complete scaredy cat.  So I started, but unlike the late great Magnus Magnusson, I wont be finishing.  I only got a short way through, the suspense killed me.

Has anyone else managed to read it?

My summer holiday tbr pile.

My summer 'to be read' pile originates from a combination of books acquired from my bookclub, the charity shop, a gift and recommendations.  I doubt I will finish any of them as quickly as I finished Caitlin Moran's How To Be  A Woman, my last book - and a spanking good read, or as slowly as Colin Thubron's excellent In Siberia, the book before that.  Some books are destined to be snacks - consumed in a dash, others savoured and relished like a great meal. I just hope none give me word-induced indigestion.