Brighton-ing up a day

This last weekend we went to Brighton for the day

we walked along the pier

ate fish and chips

enjoyed the stoney beach

watched a fishmonger empty his scraps into the sea, and the frenzy of gulls that ensued

checked out the street art in the lanes

browsed amongst some of the more unusual shop offerings

ate Brownies and Sherry Trifle ice cream at our favourite cafe - Scoop And Crumb

I recommend it


  1. Like the idea of sherry trifle ice cream, I wonder how it's made... presumably take one sherry trifle, mush it up, freeze, take out, mush up again and so on? Like sherry trife, like ice cream, as they say, a 'win win' situation. HATE these pesky sayings!!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way.

  2. It is the BEST ice cream I've ever tasted, but I do love sherry trifle..

  3. Ah! Another Maggie on here! Thank you for you comment on my blog.

    Is it wrong to say that these pictures Brighton-ed up my day? I know, I know. Awful! But true.