It's hotting up!

My book shop on Etsy is starting to warm up in time for the word that I refuse to utter until October!

My lastest sale was to a lady in the US, who bought a copy of Baedeker's Northern Italy and asked me to ship it to her wedding planner in Florence, Italy.  It sounds very romantic, I would love to know what part the book is playing in the proceedings.


  1. Well, my Ebay selling of old books isn't doing well, maybe it's the books. Managed to sell a very old beautiful cloth bound edition of The Water Babies, but a first of Billy Butlin (selling cheap due to previous owners name in biro smack in the middle of the cover!) and what I believe to be a first edition of Angela Brazil (did you know it was pronounced 'Brazzle' not as in the country?) have attracted watchers but nothing else. Depressing really.

  2. Of course I meant Billy Bunter, what on earth was I thinking???