I thought I would do a Twitter style book review of my summer reading, keeping each one to 140 characters or so.  Here goes;

Please Look After Mother - Kyung-Sook Shin.  Haunting tale of a rural Korean family taking Mother for granted, until she disappears. Her family reflect on her contribution to their happiness.  Wonderful.

The Painted Veil - Somerset Maugham.  A beautifully crafted story about the turbulent life of a young married English woman who has an affair in Colonial China.  Such a pleasure to read, I loved it. 

Red Tails In Love - Marie Winn.  Terrible title.  True story of birds & their human followers in New York's Central Park.  Red Tail Hawks nesting outside Woody Allen's apartment. Charming tweet Lit.

Shakespeare - Bill Bryson. Bryson fleshes out the few facts we know about the Bard with his usual vim and humour.  Did you know Shakespeare's work contains 1st recorded use of 2,035 words? Rollicking.

Shakespeare's Wife - Germaine Greer.  Greer sweeps aside hackneyed 'facts' that appear to be based on misogyny, & dares to say, what if Anne Shakespeare was a woman of substance? Scholarly and bold.

The Slap - I felt like I needed to slap someone after wasting my time with this turgid nonsense. Less about a slap, more about crude & unsympathetic soap-style story lines & characters.  Don't do it kids!

If I had to pick a favourite it would be The Painted Veil.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my latest post. From your list, I enjoyed Greer and always enjoy Bill Bryson. The Somerset Maugham is on my to read list, but never heard of The Slap, I think the title alone would have put me right off! Now I am intrigued enough to look it up.