Case Closed

I hope that if you ever needed to change your mobile phone and sim card, and in the process ended up losing friends mobile numbers, and before ranting about the telephone manufacturer, network provider and swearing (loudly and literally) that mobiles are the devils instruments, you would first of all check the door onto the garden is shut, and that your brand new neighbours are not out in the garden.

I didn't.


  1. Ha ha ha! This just happened to me, but it was my fault, as I dropped the phone into the toilet. Note to everyone: back up your contacts frequently!I didn't scream, though. Just cried.

  2. I can see you now in the moment you discovered they had heard you at your fiercest!

    Too funny!

  3. Oh very funny, and so good to know this kind of thing happens to other people.

  4. Oh, no! It's that dreadful moment when you realise you've been overheard. You neveer know they might have had the same problem and been silently agreeing with you:)

  5. Maggie AH - luckily I had written them all down, the non-technical back up!
    GOTJ - Good job we can't see ourselves cross, it wouldn't be pretty. But you're right, it would be funny!
    Maggie - I like it when other people are honest about life's bumps and bruises so thought I would share too.
    Rosie - my new neighbours seem like really lovely people, so I am hoping they will over look the outburst.

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