More Bags Than Louis Vuitton

My old nemesis came back last night - insomnia.  This morning I look like my Granny - after a rampant night out on the tiles.

I tried the usual remedies; counting sheep and thinking peaceful thoughts, but it was persistent, it wasn't giving up the fight.  In the end I got out of bed and sat on the stairs to read my book - Out Stealing Horses.  It is a beautiful, lyrical book but one that requires concentration as it is translated from Norwegian, and jumps from the present to the past paragraph by paragraph.  I recommend it as a read but not as a sleep aid, I wound up more tired and quite confused.

So today I'll make sure I do some exercise, cut out caffeine near bedtime, take a bath before bed and only go to bed when I'm tired.

Any top sleep tips gratefully received.

ps Blogger has been playing hard to get for sometime, I am often unable to comment. Apologies if I have not acknowledged your comments, I read and appreciate all of them. Have a great Thursday.


  1. Oh I'm feeling it today too, my 8 year old has been sick 7 times since 3am! Poor mite, and yes, it is granny looking at me from the mirror too!

    For me, outdoor exercise and feeling physically tired that makes me sleep best. and no caffeine, so nothing new there I am afraid. Hope you sleep better tonight, Bx

  2. I think all the things you said: no caffeine, exercise, a nice hot bath, plus Newsnight - always sends me to sleep! Possibly a glass of wine (only the one though, I never sleep well if I've had too much to drink).

  3. OK this may not work for you, but it works for me every time.... Starting with A, work your way through the alphabet listing names of towns that begin with.... Ab (ABERYSTWYTH)Ac (ACCRINGTON) and so on till you get to the end. Then start on Ba (Baildon) this one gets tricky, as do many others obviously. (You're a lady who loves words so you will know this without being told, sorry!)
    Anyway, it works for me... maybe you too!

  4. Oh dear, I hope you have a better night tonight! I can't think of any remedies other than those mentioned. I seem to go through phases of waking at 4a.m. and not being able to get back to sleep until 6ish - it does make you feel out of kilter for the rest of the day:)

  5. Thank you Belinda, I've done some walking today, I'm hoping fresh air works it's usual magic. Hope your 8 year old is feeling better now.
    TNMA - I've had one glass of wine, your Newsnight idea is genius!
    Maggie - will try this tip if all of the above fails, even thinking about it is making me tired :)
    Rosie - thank you,you are right, the 4 am wake up is a killer.
    Wishing everyone a good nights sleep x