Pride and Prejudice

In the British papers today, the tale of two women, both British, both mothers.

The first an ignorant, uncouth woman, sitting on a tram hurling foul mouth abuse at her fellow passengers.  Her lack of respect and uninformed opinions are not as shocking as the fact that she has a young child on her lap throughout the ugly tirade.

The second, a hard working mother of 4, winning an award at the British Fashion Awards.  Not so long ago Victoria Beckham was a (less than brilliant, by her own admission) singer, in the biggest British girl band of all time. She is now one half of Beckham Inc, has 4 young children and has her own highly successful fashion line.  She is keeping more balls in the air than David, no doubt.   

See VB's heartfelt acceptance speech here;

I know which one makes me proud to be British.


  1. Victoria seems lost for words whereas the other woman said far too many!

  2. She has done well our Victoria hasn't she? And as for the other tirade, saw that on You Tube.. terrible and how sad too. X

  3. Thank you Rosie and SE, agree with both your comments