A rakes progress

Some colour on a grey day - my lovely red Acer

Chinese Lanterns I grew from seed

A drive I saw whilst on a walk, I just loved the variations of pink

Raking, my new exercise of choice.  

The birds Autumn larder.

have a lovely, late Autumn day.


  1. lovely pics!

    were the chinese lanterns easy to grow, I have a packet and wondered if I can direct sew into the ground? Bx

  2. Each year I intend to grow Chinese Lanterns. Each year I forget.
    Each year someone posts a photo of theirs and I kick myself. Getting fed up of kicking myself.
    Lovely photos.

  3. Belinda, they were as easy as pie - I grew them in pots, but I'm sure they will grow if you sew them directly.

    Maggie you made me laugh on this grey day, thank you.

    They don't last for long, but such a lovely colour whilst they do.

  4. Such lovely photos full of colour to cheer us up on a grey day. I'd love to grow chinese lanterns, I must give it a try:)

  5. Thanks Rosie, give it a go, they are such a cheerful ornament of a plant.

  6. Lovely lovely photographs - Autumn colours are so beautiful this year I think. x