Unseasonal Treats

This weekend I enjoyed a long country walk, it blew away the cobwebs, and I was so glad I had taken my camera along. Most of the views were what you would expect; bright colourful berries, leaves carpeting the woodland floor and fungus sprouting on damp tree trunks.  But in amongst the usual Autumnal sights were others that I would not expect to see at this time of the year...

 Can you see the  pale trailing track of fungi snaking their way along the woodland floor?

I love the colour of these hardy Nasturtians

Then there they were, roses, in November, hung with a dew and web necklace.

Have a lovely week.


  1. I enjoy walking at this time of year as there is so much to see and such wonderful colours in the hedgerows. I love your photos especially the last one of the rosebud wearing its dewy necklace:)

  2. Well we have all seen a lot more colour than we expect for the time of year haven't we? Today in Norfolk though, it's more what you would expect... fog, rain, dark, cold. Even the birds are hiding up! Thanks for the comment on my good news posting too.