Victoria, Albert and Annie

I recently went to the V & A museum, I spotted something on the outside wall I haven't noticed before

I had gone to see the new photographic exhibition, but saw this as I climbed the staircase

which led to Annie's house

via Annie's door (apologies for photo quality)

with another, smaller house


and here is her desktop

and some of the books she has used for writing her lyrics

also dotted around were some little vignettes of her time in the music industry

Well worth a visit if like me, you are an Annie Lennox fan.

The photographic exhibition for the record was small, it was mostly early photographs from the museums own collection, with the odd contemporary piece - such as an iconic Ansel Adams image thrown in. A narrated link if you're interested;


  1. Well I am an Annie Lennox fan, and if I lived near London I would probably make the effort to visit the exhibition. As I don't, thanks for the peek! And the comment on my reading post too.

  2. I've never noticed the damage at the V & A before either. Thanks for pointing it out and for sharing a look into Annie Lennox's life.