A Day Out

Last week I was lucky enough to spend the day exploring whilst in London for a couple of days.  First on my list was The British Library. The brutal modern building that squats next to the gothic spires of  St Pancras station.

To the left of the above photo you can just see Newton (below) cutting himself a slice of apple pie,
....or something.

inside was a hive of activity - books, computers and lucky students

this 3d artwork caught my eye, it messed with your mind as you walked past it

The shelves of books gave the appearance of stained glass windows in this temple of learning

I love this vintage printing block art installation

then it was time to leave, into the dark night

easy for you to say Marie Curie, physicist, chemist, pioneer, the first woman solo Nobel prize winner,  the only woman to win in 2 sciences and the only person to win in multiple sciences. 


  1. I've never been inside the new building so thank you for the tour it looks wonderful:)

  2. It's my pleasure Rosie, so glad blogspot is letting me respond to comments today :)