16 Days

Continuing my photography challenge for 2012 of a photo a day.

16th -  a new, colourful addition to my shop

17th - the awesome Gareth Malone at The Albert Hall (well, the back of his well lit head)

18th - Focus on breakfast

19th - tray chic

20th - baby trees!

21st -  a fluffy pigeon enjoying a rainy day bath in the gutter

22nd - A giant mural in the John Radcliffe childrens hospital (windows give scale)

23rd - using up last summers walnut jam for banana cake

24th -  Nigellas chocolate and lime cake, yum.

25th - pretty pistachios

26th - Denman's Midwifery (dated 1805) shortly to go into the shop

27th - thin skinned, inside the skin of an onion

28th -  silent, but deadly..

29th - bulbs of hope

30th - hyacinths for the soul

31st - super, duper, mini, Mini Cooper


  1. Lovely to see your photographs. I tried a photo of an onion but it just didn't work. On a bookish note. How is The Paris Wife?

    1. I've only just started the book but I am enjoying it, the meeting of Hadley and Ernest is depicted well, the Paris Wife has a jealous friend, who may as well be the older, more experienced reader (me!) urging, 'be careful!'. So far, I would recommend it.

  2. Lovely photos. The hyacinth is a super colour:)

    1. Thanks Rose, they lift your spirits don't they

  3. Great photography inspiration! I love the hyacinths. My flower addiction is orchids. Have a great day!

    XX Hilary

  4. aaah that mini mini coop is adorable!

    Come on over to win and ONA camera bag!

  5. Very nice, looks like you're enjoying your new camera. The onion is my fav, I like the light.

    1. I must confess, they are not all my new camera, I've used my new camera today though, and I think tomorrow will be a great day for photography.