Happy and Glorious?

We are knee deep in preparations for our Diamond Jubilee street party this weekend - fingers crossed the bunting ordered online arrives and that the weather stays dry.  I have lived in this road for nearly 10 years and it's the first street party. It started when I was reminiscing with my friend and neighbour about memories of the Silver Jubilee, we decided we wanted to do something our kids would remember too.   There will be food, drink, games, royal quizzes and a Great British Bake off, all to be judged by the senior members of the neighbourhood.   Everyone was invited, so the couple who let their dog poo in peoples gardens will be attending, as will the grumpy man who rants at the neighbourhood children for having the temerity to sledge past his house every time it snows and the warring neighbours with boundary disputes will be there too.   In short,  all the ingredients for a Great British Punch Up!

Despite this, it's starting to feel very exciting, and I hope it will feel more like a community afterwards.  A nice warm glow is what we all need when the suns gone in and the news is so awful.  So we shall enjoy our overdose of red white and blue but, like Easter, we wont forget what it's really about - Pimms, cheers!

Have a great Jubilee weekend whatever you are doing.

Blogger does not allow me to reply to comments at the moment, so please accept this as a thank you for your lovely notes on the garden.


  1. Hope your street party is a great success and that the weather stays dry for you. Perhaps the warring neighbours will hold a truce for one day. Have a great time:)

  2. The Jubilee will go on without any participation from us two here. As will the Olympics, and as did Eurovision and all things with the label 'reality'.
    Hope yours is a success though and maybe bridges built and curmudgeonly old gents allow their nicer side to show for a change. See how kind I am, assuming they have one?

  3. How's your hangover? Hope you had a great time!

  4. I seem to have missed the whole jubilee thing.......did wake up on Sunday with sore throat and streaming nose so perhaps that's why I wasn't feeling it......very British though!!!

  5. Hope you jublilee was fabulous!
    It will whatever happened be remembered by your children with fondness