Strike A Pose


He rocks!  Probably literally.

  So, I have decided to try yoga.  Being out of action due to injury is not good.  Positive preventative action is required. After all, if you don't use it you lose it.  

Perhaps I will never be able to sit on the banks of the Ganges, with my knees behind my ears, but I'll be fending off decrepitude.

To be serene, bendy and in charge of my life in manner of... Well, I can't think of anyone that fits that exact model right now, but maybe I don't need a role model for this, maybe I'll be my own role model.

If you don't hear from me, it's not because it's all gone horribly wrong, oh no.    It will be because it has gone so well. I will have been recruited by a top yoga guru and whisked off to an ashram to demonstrate to others the secret of my success. But after studying the above photo further I note 2 things that concern me. Firstly, it looks a bit grey on the banks of the Ganges.   A bit like here, there's no sun.  I need sun after enduring what has been thrown at us here in the UK lately.  Secondly, I am concerned about the kit he's wearing.  Are these the kind of undies a yoga guru is expected to wear whilst displaying ones prowess?  They look quite brief. I may need to stock up on some sturdy pants. 

*I cannot find who to credit this image to.  I know how annoying this can be for image owners, so if anyone knows I will be happy to correct the omission.


  1. Ah what a vision, sitting on the banks of... something.... sits a serene lady wearing big lady pants a la Bridget Jones. So very fetching my deah! And on the top half of the old bod...?? The mind boggles.

  2. I long to be serene, bendy and in charge of my life. Instead I feel angry, stiff and on the verge of punching one of my colleagues!

  3. will change your life......certainly puts a different perspective on things!!

  4. I tried pilates which doesn't seem quite as unnatural as yoga. I do love your blog, had a lovely time reading your posts, very interesting.