Do You Like..

The new look?  Do you like this shot of Paul Newman?  I do. 

Have a good weekend.

I Love A Good Wedding

Last week we celebrated the wedding of my sister in law and her partner.  Miraculously, the day was dry and the sun shone all day on the happy couple.

The colour theme of the wedding was lavender.

There were 2 bridesmaids, one was my daughter (below, teasing her brother)

The younger bridesmaid, playing peek a boo.

After, there was dancing.

It was perfection.

Fifty Shades of Grey!

Earlier in the year, whilst reading a blog I saw this image in a piece about decks.  I loved the image, and as I have a very small deck thought I might be able to do something like it.

Whilst thinking, I saw this image too, serendipity I thought...

So, out I went and found myself a chair...

Sorry the picture quality is not good, I could only take it through the window, for obvious reasons.

You have to laugh.