October in pictures

I love the colours that dominate this month, the sheer amount of orange which seems to be everywhere at the moment is compensating for the diminishing light and warmth outside.  The car picture was taken at the RAC club, I don't believe it's the car in the Bond movie but a replica. Speaking of which, if you are thinking of going to see Skyfall, do. It will leave you shaken and stirred, even Mr Bond showed emotion.  The only time when I have been in a cinema and the film has had a round of applause at the end.

Walking On Sunshine

My achilles is on the mend!  I can walk again,  properly walk.  Walk through woodlands, by rivers and across fields.  I have so missed the fresh air and the smell of the seasons, whether it's the dry scent of summer or the smell of wet leaves and decay.

This week I have been on my first long walk for 7 months.  It was bliss.  I forgot my camera, but made do with my phone.  At the beginning of the walk we passed this hedge, at the bottom of somebody's garden. What a master stroke the boots are.

My (well groomed) friend spotted a slow worm on our path, it did move exceedingly slowly.

It was such a bright Autumn morning.  Towards the end of the walk we had to climb one last hill; charmingly nicknamed Heart Attack Hill, it was a big push.  But the feeling of having earned a sandwich and a slice of cake was fantastic.

It was a circular route, so we ended up back in the village where we started; Hambledon in the Chilterns.  It was being used as a film set that day.  A regular occurrence, it has appeared in The Vicar Of Dibley, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Nanny McPhee and North and South amongst others. 

It's a very picturesque village, nestled in rolling green hills.  I hope it's not ruining the romance by sharing this shot of a 'snowy' cottage.  I asked the crew what they were filming; something called Endeavor, a spin off from Inspector Morse.