Part two - a happy ending.

The building work is finished in time for the holiday.

To recap, the space as it was before

and after, as it is now

I love it, as you make your way towards it there is a powerfully evocative smell of new wood.   The fact that it has been a wet and cold couple of weeks and yet it was still finished on time, is something of a building trade miracle.

Thank you for stopping by in 2012, and taking time to leave your thoughts and comments, it is much appreciated.  Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas.  

I feel so foolish

...I've completely ignored the end of the (Mayan) world.
What if the Mayans were right?

I've got a nearly complete office, 
a freezer full of food,
video I still haven't transferred to imovie,
an unfinished book,
an enormous uneaten bar of chocolate
and a 2013 calender I just wrote all of next years birthdays on.

Just in case, tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1989.

The Office Part 1

Day 1 - The Space

Despite having a large Lime tree with a preservation order next to the proposed site of the new office, progress has rocked on.  We needed to use special pad foundations (that rest on the surface) and don't damage or disturb the roots of the tree.  The building work is being supervised by an arboreal consultant to ensure the builders do their job without damaging the tree. I'm not kidding.  So the tree is fenced off and boards have been put down to stop soil compaction.  
Then, and only then could work commence.

Day 2 - The foundations and footings are complete

Day 3 -The walls go up

 Despite the ferocious cold, by the end of the day the roof was on, but by then the light was so low I couldn't capture it in a photo. 

To be continued.