Photo Phrenzy

At the beginning of 2012 I embarked on a 365 project; a photo a day, with the intention of loading the photos onto Pummelvision to make a slideshow of my year. Sadly, Pummelvision was taken down so I have made do with choosing 12 photos, one from each month of a very memorable year.
Click on the photo to view a larger version.

January - gulls swooping in the cold, blue
February - leaf in the green
March - from the terrace at Cliveden
(with an eery blur descending the steps bottom right, where no person was present)
April - clotted Cornish clouds

May - luminous white foxgloves in the early morning sun
June - the iconic bow of a gondola 
July - two nuns at a crossing in Rome
August - flags flying at Eton Dorney
September - the London skyline, taken from the river bus.

October - a lone swan gliding on the Thames in the early morning
November - my attempts at celebrity pumpkin carving, can you guess who it is?
December - gossamer thin sheets of ice, adorning a flooded field of stubble.

Self portrait, taken back in April, in a freezing Westminster Hall.

Happy 2013.