I was lucky enough to see a new film out in cinemas called Trashed.  Presented by Jeremy Irons and directed by Candida Brady, it is a thought provoking documentary.  Trashed is the story of our rubbish,  what happens to it and what will happen to us - and our children, if we don't change the way we live.  It was sobering, shocking, upsetting but ultimately it was uplifting. 

If more people watch it, more people will become aware of the cul de sac we are boxing ourselves into and maybe each of those people will think about the effects of decisions we make every day that increase landfill, pollute our oceans, air and earth.

I've made changes in the way I shop already.  I always took my bags for life to the supermarket but now I take a bag for all shopping. Considering if the purchase is necessary and how to reduce the amount of packaging in any purchase is now a part of the decision making process. 

At the end of the movie I was lucky enough to be part of a Q & A with Jeremy and Candida, they revealed they had shown this to MPs, and were planning to extend it into schools and colleges.  I hope they are able to.  It's a message that should be heard as far and wide as is possible. 

Never mind an age appropriate warning, this film should come with a message: 
Warning! Watching this movie will seriously affect your consumer conscience.

Have you seen it yet?