Location Location Location

Whilst out scouting for meeting locations for work, I took some photos.  This first below is actually where we ended up for a cup of coffee, Cliveden.  What a fabulous thing National Trust membership is.  The first photo below is of the 'hot' bed on the front lawn. 

Intrigued to see the blue lupins in amongst the hot spectrum, but they do stand out.

An entrance to lure you in.

A morning coffee, in the shade, on a sunny, work day, what a treat. My cake was fat, sugar and egg free, I also expected it to be taste free, but it was delicious - nuts and fruit, in case you were wondering!

Our first location was Hedsor House. Unlike at Cliveden, which is only 5 minutes away, the silver ribbon of river is hidden, but the views of the Thames Valley are stunning.

Quartet and The Golden Compass were both filmed here. Hedsor House is not open to the public, it's a private house, owned by the Shepherd family. 

Look at that sky!

Preparations for a wedding were underway, the house was bedecked in flowers.  The cool shade of the entranceway was heavy with the smell of stock, which had been tied around the chairs lining the aisle.

With all of the windows open, a welcome breeze blew all the way through the ground floor.

Talking of a breath of fresh air.... welcome to the newest member of the royal family!  


  1. Not sure what your job is but after this post I'm envious, apart from being on maternity leave st the moment.

    1. Don't be envious, the rest of the year I'm in my office home alone!

  2. I went to cliveden years ago, it was so beautiful. I do wish I was in the countryside today, London is very hot!