Happy Christmas, happy new year, happy.

If you follow Kirstie Allsopp on Twitter you'll know she's been retweeting photos of Christmas trees.  The trees are so diverse ranging from homey, Skandi, mad to bling.

I thought I'd share mine with you.  There is only one prerequisite for a bauble to get on my tree, it must either have red or gold in it somewhere.  The Christmas pud bauble below is a hand felted one bought at a local farmers market.

When my children were younger I got them to write on a bauble with a metallic pen,  the difference in their writing style was already evident.   Girl -

Boy - 

This is one I purchased this month from Bath market, decorated in Kashmir.
I recommend the market, but go after dark, it really comes into it's own then.

Every year I do a bauble swap with friends, one year I came away with a packet of gold painted fir cones.  They remind me of the ones my grandfather DIY'd back in the day.

Writing this is making me realise how sentimental I am about my decorations.  This one was bought when we lived in Switzerland, and reminds me of times in the mountains.

My son made this snow covered postbox (of course!)  at nursery school

This one I bought last year, it depicts Santa in a gondola, from a glass factory on Murano.

A friend made this one for me, knowing I have a blanket stitch fetish!

The tree in all it's finery!

Happy Christmas, and all good wishes to you and yours for 2014 Xx


  1. Happy Christmas! Your tree looks fantastic. I buy my friend's twin daughters Christmas decorations every year, I hope they keep them for posterity.

    1. whilst watching the christmas sewing bee last night Stewart said he thought children came to appreciate handmade gifts long after the giving, I hope so too...x

  2. Lovely tree - really like the idea of writing on them. Happy Christmas to you & your family.

    1. And wishing you a lovely first family Christmas x

  3. Your tree looks lovely! It's great to have decorations with memories attached to them. Hapy Christmas and New Year to you and yours:)

    1. I've enjoyed your trips and your 52 weeks happy Rosie.

  4. Such a lovely Christmas tree and beautiful decorations.

    Greetings from Finland,