Heat And Dust

In the manner of Chandler Bing, could there BE any more rain?

As I type this, rain is falling hard and fast - again.  So my online bookshop is getting more of my attention.  This week I have put up copies of Howards End and A Passage To India.  I put it down to a craving for warmer, drier climes.

To satisfy said craving, this weekend I will start A Winter In Arabia by Freya Stark.  I'm looking for intense heat, smelly, noisy camels, dry sand that gives easily underfoot and romantic and mysterious bedouins.  I want to be transported from floods, blocked drains, damp and mud to a remote desert escape, where there is no concept of too much water, where there are no grey clouds, in fact no clouds at all, just a bright azure sky and dazzling sunshine. Warning - gratuitous desert photo coming up;

image from Zavastki.com

and another

Image from Wikipedia

and another

image from Panorami.com

Welcome February, roll on March and spring.  Have a warm weekend.

Happy New Year

Essentials for dark winter days; powerfully scented Paperwhites and sparkling lights.

For inspiring music & dancing, after days of overindulgence and sloth, look no further;