A Very Grand Design Indeed

The most amazing house and garden - Great Dixter 

an Elizabethan house and the most exuberant 21st century garden

  even succulents got involved

Someone else looking at these told me they were called Ladybird poppies. 

Ferns - against the backdrop of brick, wood and fretwork.

the lily pond

Grass and Gunnera

What a gate should look like

attention to detail - finial and etching

I've no idea what this plant is called, have only ever seen it in Cornwall - my children christened them Honey Hives.

His Royal Hotness - Lucifer

stunning specimens

Wonderful fencing 

dashes of lemon and lime

there were tunnels and vistas

clever juxtopositions

delicious combinations

A path edged to perfection

luxe Lupins

 the most exciting colour combinations

the cat even works well on the bench!

the left hand side of the Long Border 

the right hand side 

colour and texture play

around the back

a Victorian watering cart

An beautiful barn

I love the tile pillars

until next time...


  1. Oh, how beautiful! Thank you for your photos, I have a friend who always says he has such happy memories of this garden and hopes one day to visit again. I love the gate:)

  2. Lovely pics. Particularly like those cornflowers. Something about blue flowers ...

  3. nice photos :)