Some time away

A weekend trip to the Isle of Wight, in a country house, to celebrate a friends 50th was just what the doctor ordered.  Once across on the charming ferry we hit the long and winding road.

To the right of us was sea, to the left, cornfields.

The view of rolling fields from the casement window at the back of the house where we stayed.

 The next day we went for a walk around the beauty spot that is Newtown nature reserve, on the way we came upon a church.  Inside they were selling these beautifully knitted church mice.

Then off again, across the salt marshes.

Wherever you looked was view.


Lichen and water. 

And more view.

Elsa proved a great walking companion.

A lovely breeze gave the flags some animation.

A rickety, wooden bridge spanned the water, no sign of trolls, I checked.

And more beautiful views.

an unidentified plant

 The next day it was time to go, but before we did we popped into Osbourne House, the home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  At the entrance, this chap was happy to share the family jewels!

But a stunning profile, I'm sure you'll agree

Interesting to note the house was built with the German word gemutlich (meaning cosy) in mind. 

The view to the side.

The view to the front, with Portsmouth and the Spinnaker Tower clearly visible.

The lovely colours of this wallpaper caught my eye.

The nursery had more than the faint whiff of Goldilocks to it.

The satin covered crib is fit for a Kardashian West!

An Indian themed corridor, lined with interesting portraits of the queens subjects and staff

I like this mans face

The man below was a very dear man servant to Queen Victoria, it caused a scandal when she gave him a bedroom in the main house.  Maybe the tv series will get on to this fascinating chapter?

The Durbar room - so called because of the Durbar - the relief work lining the walls and ceiling, a mixture of wood carving, papier mache and paint.  

The exterior stone is a beautiful muted gold.

After exploring the grounds and shoe-horning in a quick afternoon tea, we nipped off to catch our ferry from Fishbourn, and then home.